Professor Scott Galloway: iPhone Is The New Luxury Item, The Ultimate Expression Of Wealth | CNBC

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Dan Frommer, Recode editor-in-chief, and Scott Galloway, NYU Stern School of Business professor, discuss what consumers will be watching when Apple’s product event kicks off today.
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  • Nice Video! It deserves more views – check out: u2bzone(dot)C O M

  • being an owner of a multi-billion dollar company IS the ultimate expression of wealth

  • AB xx says:

    Idiots using face id -now making name id apple traditions insult now we step to 12345

    before it was 3d tradition insult change to 2d

    welll really starting inspired by samsung instead of apple steve jobs

    Fireing all the original iphone team xD

    apple u know what why not make all suddenly no button device

    and when it gets stuck by software glitch u cant compare a button with a virtual button

    Buttons work separately software not before u know start making software on off powerbutton.

    I hate buttonless devices
    Hate using faces for id
    Hate suddenly starting wanna apple recognize only by name and software no buttons

    u idiots u watching to much star trek i do no how long Siri already exist still doesn't work Siri doesn't work u wanna make it work let. Siri understand accents and other ways people talk not like books this is not continuum, or the expanse, or travelers, or dark matter,

    Movies vines series making jokes about Siri u wanna call order food Siri calls the hospital. I never using Siri works only for americans by luck works for the British people who doesn't talk hood or with an accent.

    u idiots first time I'm getting upset, started by iPhone 8 instead of 7s

    I was upset when ios7 changed i was upset when apple kicking out original iPhone team. Mygod

    Apple why not go worship bill gates and android they really gonne love u doing that.????

  • Lex Blazer says:

    The funniest part is that owning an iphone isn't an honest expression of wealth, at least not for adults. Some of the most broke people I know have iphones (they can't afford them; should really have a cheap android instead…. and owning the iphone only makes them broker)

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